August 23rd, 2007


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Hello all!!

Due to a sad series of circumstances . . . I can no longer go to my first burn and have the time of my life, and instead am in New Orleans having the time of my life producing my show "Twelfth Night the Drinking Game".

So, at the last minute-- I have a ticket to sell. I paid $250 for it, but am open to basically anyone who can take it.

Email me at megansarak AT gmail DAWT com, and we'll talk!

Food Ideas

Ideas for food and snacks!

Whats easy and yummy to cook and eat when your on the playa for a week?
And special snacks anyone loves to bring?
What have you brought in the past thats been a bad choice?

Im drawing blanks as to what food would be best to bring!
So whos bringing what?

- Hello Katie Pie (1st year burner)

Need a ticket?

It's killing me to have to do this, but my fiance just had back surgery, and there's no way we can go. My ticket is for sale. I'm selling it for $204, as that's what I paid after shipping. Hopefully this can at least help someone out who needs/wants a lower cost ticket.

I'm in Alameda, in the Bay Area. Please contact me if you're interested. Thanks!
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