August 28th, 2007

Burn Night '04

The Man (Kinda) Burns Early! (No, Really!)

[With apologies for the re-post from my jrnl for those seeing this twice...]

Update: Word is a new Man will be built in the next 72 hours for Saturday's Burn. Laughing Squid has constantly-updated news here:

(Thanks to metaphorge for that link!)

I thought this was a hoax, as the first internet report I spotted was on a blog (and so many of them are Burners from way-back that it coulda been a big ol' joke), but apparently it's not. Someone set fire to the Man during the lunar eclipse. A *small* part of me sort of wishes he'd burnt up, but not really, not all of me. I can say that more easily given that I'm missing it this year.

Go check the front page of for further info. They only have a brief statement right now, but plan to release more info tomorrow after an investigation.

[Edited to add: a first-hand account is available here: ]

Biggest bummer is that the Pavilion and Man might be too unsound now, from what I hear, but the event as a whole is not jeopardized by this at least and the Man still stands. At least no-one was hurt.

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Who is Paul Addis?

While we do not pursue legal or civil penalties without a fair hearing, what about 'tried in the court of public opinion?' The S.F. Chronicle lists him as an arrestee in this case.

Anybody find his Myspace or Tribe page yet?