September 7th, 2007


The BM hanging incident this year and Media attention

Posting corrections and information on THIS forum about the incident is 'preaching to the choir' and not likely to have any impact on public opinion.

Not to say you are not welcome to post your concerns here - but since only burners read this area of LJ (for the most part) - the message wont get out to the people who need to hear it.

right message - wrong media

Try sending a press release to SF gate and get them to clarify the facts -
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Was that a chicken...?

On Friday morning I woke up and used the portojohns at 5:00 and D. Upon my exiting of the stall, I saw a guy with a solid charcoal grey chicken perched on the handlebars of his bike. I knew it must have been fake since BMan is a no dog zone, I figured it'd be, well, a no chicken zone too...
but the thing pecked and fluttered when the guy started pedaling, so holycrap, that was a real live chicken.

He pedaled away before I could say anything. Nobody else seemed to even flinch or notice the chicken, which of course now makes me wonder if I'm crazy.

No, I wasn't on anything. :-)

Anyone else see the guy with the chicken?!
green man


well it was a very long trip off the playa sunday night. we left a few hours after the temple burn, which got us stuck in a four hour exodus off the playa. then a traffic jam at a dead stand still just after nixion. we turned around and took the turn off to sparks. so we ended up going all the way to reno to get around the traffic jam and back on 95 to vegas. we will not be doing that again. we both had no slept but every two hours, taking turns driving. i would sleep two hours and he would drive then me, then him. we finally got to vegas by 10pm monday. we spent another three hours packing stuff up in the rv, then we slept till 9am the next day. we spent the next day cleaning and unloading the rv. wed. we went to the spa and got massages, and had a great dinner at the rotating restaurant on top of the stratosphere. we flew out of vegas the next day at 11:40 am spent the whole day flying back home. we had a plane change in DC where one of fjord's bags didn't make it on the next plane. they just delivered it today. we didn't get any food on the flights, so we didn't eat till we got home and to I-hop at midnight. all in all it was a very long trip home.

we have decided that we are going to drive out next year for sure no matter what. there is a lot of stuff that we did without because we flew out. then there is trusting someone to get our gear out there was really rough. we were lucky that we had someone who we could trust to do it this year. with all the troubles she had with the trailer on the way out, we were lucky she didn't just abandon our gear. we are hoping to have our own rv by next year. we are going to start working on getting house ready to sell by jan. we are thinking of making our own art car for next year too. we want to take the fire pit on a trailer around the playa everywhere and serve tea. we are thinking of getting a quad to pull a trailer with the fire pit, a nice sitting area and shade structure. i would like it to have some way of misting people during the day while they ride on the trailer. that is what we want to do, but what we get done is another story. it is funny how we all start planning our next years burn before we ever leave the playa.
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