September 11th, 2007

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What is lost?

Reading over some posts here brought me into a deep meditation about Burning Man's development.

Is it just me or Collapse )

I guess what I'm getting at with that story is, in a city that is increasingly dominated by virgins, in what way can we communicate our traditions? Should we try to at all? Or should we organically let the city be what it is from the contributions of each new participant, even if Black Rock comes to not resemble itself in character as a result? Or is it even a choice? Can we do anything to stop this trend towards a collective confusion as to what to do at the man burn? Or how about this collective movement towards hippieish community and peace and love without the snark and sass which once was a key part of the burner character?

I guess the two key things I see as happen is that some of the traditions which bind the community are losing their hold, resulting in less of a feeling of communal vibe. Simultaenously and paradoxically, I see the event as losing its teeth, its bite somewhat.

I'm not sure if I'm communicating this effectively and I have to run to work, but I'm excited to hear what you guys think.

Camp OnlyFun at 7:30 and Kelp Forrest

anyone know these people?

I was camped at around 7:30 and Kelp Forest from Monday to Monday.

I had some really awesome neighbors who were from SF and had a great time hanging out with them.
I came back late after the temple burn and found they had packed up and left.

I guess they came by a few times looking for me but my friends didn't think to do the contact info thing!

The clues I have to go on are:
-The had a shade structure with ONE LOVE painted on the top
-Timmy is a tall guy with blond hair whos a gym teacher from San Fransisco whos attended BM for many years. He ran around yelling NANOOO NANOOO all night and one night wore a white suit with ONE LOVE painted on the back
-There was a south american they called whootie who was insane lol
-Mo lives in Iowa with her hubby and is supposed to be one of the Playa Flys next year
-We had 2 neighbors from Alaska with their group. Ones nickname was 'Sheet cake" XD
-The whole camp dressed up in bee costumes one night
and the show glasses I received from them that said "Camp Only Fun"


i understand everyones knee jerk reaction is to feel excluded, but you need to think in terms of the no limitations that burning man gives you to express your ideas. it doesn't necessarily need to be about US patriotism, it could be from any perspective. this country was founded by all the peoples of the world coming here for some reason ("American Dream"). you could do your ideas from the perspective of the failed American dreams, or the warped American dream. maybe you all should try inserting some humor in to the idea? come on people, i think as inventive as our community is we could come up with some really cool, funny, self-deprecating, politically deprecating, controversial, sartorial, situational, commentary, analogy, anything you hearts can dream up! you know when i found out what the theme was my thoughts were (big laugh)"oh no they are opening Pandora's box." ;) come on people, here you go, give free rain to your opinions, thoughts, and ideas! imagine the controversy we can stir up!
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