October 18th, 2007



i have a few questions.  i live on the east coast (bmore, md to be precise) and know only one or two burners, with whom i have lost touch in the past 3 years, so really i know none.  i've never been before, but have been interested and wanting since my sister passed away on '03 (when i first learned about it from her friends in seattle).  does anyone know how i can find burners in my area, and the best mode of transport?  i know it's probably early to start planning, but i know that i need a lot of time for prep or i would bug out at the last minute.  when do tickets go on sale?

also, i noticed that there's quite a bit of grumbling from old-burners about the effect that virgins have on the whole experience.  but think about this: every city evolves, just like people evolve.  and brc will never be the same two years in a row, and it's foolish to expect it to.  everyone gets out what they put in, and it would be horribly sad for this event to turn into a battle between old-burners and virgins over what traditions will be kept and thrown away.  so let the city evolve and just see where it goes.

just my $0.03