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Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

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Deadletter 2.0 - a real-time pirate mail story
We are coming to San Francisco on a road trip... with Puppets!

We have left Portland today with our grant request, some cameras and a lot of mail to (mis) deliver in the bay area (people to find, mail to lose).

Blogging at <lj user="deadlettertruck">

Picture of puppets to come!

my husband being the man who brings home the bacon, tried to get our tickets today while at work. he 1pm but he got booted so he tried again at 1:23pm he waited till 6pm and no tickets. so i open a page on firefox and one on explorer because he thought there might be something wrong with firefox. it took an hour to count down over 6000 tickets, but we got ours. i opened explorer 10 mins after firefox and explorer was the first to finish. the problem my husband had had to do with his works internet system. well i wish you luck with your buying adventures. see at home!

Current Mood: excited

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