May 12th, 2008


Juicy Danger Meets Burning Man DVD launch paty - VJ Gig

So the night went really really well (well a few minor hickups)

We loaded in in the afternoon and did video setup with all the equipment including my newest
aquisition The Mighty V4... the Technics-12 of the VJ. We Hung the round screens we made from Home-Depot plastic piping and bedsheets so we had the main screen for the film and the two side screens going (3 screens this time). It looked pretty slick - I heard latter on that people were complaining that the organizers hired a "professional" video crew to run the event (quite a feather in our cap)

This is the V4

Aside from a RCA plug that broke off inside the input1 the unit performed amazing and I am all full of happy.

Since we knew that there'd be celebrities afoot we had Mr Fireman Bring his wooden monkey media puppet VINCE to do a Joan Rivers-Oscar-Style-Red-Carpet-interviews and we managed to interview the local Burners and of course Tom Comet, Christine (Nurse Tiny) Taylor and the Big-guy himself Larry Harvey (founder of Burning mna in case you didnt know) Where Vince the Flying Wooden Monkey pitched his follow up film concept to the Juicy Danger Meets Burning Man.

After the screening of the film (a few sound problems that weren't our fault) I filmed the Q+A period pannel while james ran the Background mix using images that co-responded to what the pannel was talking about. Looked really slick

Next was the fashion show - I went mobile with the camera and we projected what I was filming on the big screen. Challanging without a steadycam But it was the first time I was able to see what I was filming projected on the big screen behind what I was filming. Quite the power-trip and responsibility to control where that many eyes were looking. Made damn sure to get a closeup on the Naughty bits as well as the outfits.

We had to break for a band becasue our cameras might steal their soul and they didnt want visuals After a band got off stage and DJ Tim wisdom got on we handed the VJ visual rig over to David Rimmer to do his visual set. Here is a lesson for you boys-and-girls when you are comming in as a guest VJ to do a Visual set - get there ahead of time to learn the equipment well enough to operate it when you show up later unsober. Poor guy was a litte overwhelmed by the spiderweb of 5 portable DVD players, 2 laptops , 2 NuVJ controllers , two cameras for live feed and a V4 controlling 3 screens. Unlike the DJ -there is no "standard" setup for VJs

The one thing that did piss me off was that someone knocked over and broke one of my cameras
($700 bill to me) But other than that the night went really well. video to come later