May 22nd, 2008


LJ elections update.

Hey there Burning people! It's your handy dandy admin here, taking a moment to let you all know that elections have just begun for appointing a LJer to the advisory council for the website.

Several people encouraged me to run because of my history with LJ back in the early days, but I didn't really want to, for various reasons. That said, I would like to see a qualified, skilled candidate get elected and want to see that LJers and their various communities and issues are well represented and have someplace to talk about their concerns, so I created ljunited  , a community specifically geared towards those who support the original promises that were made to LJ, as well as free speech and privacy for *ALL* LJers, and of the Open Source movement in general.

My hope is that ljunited will not only be a source of information and discussion on issues effecting LJ's users, but will also help to coordinate efforts to positively influence LJ/SUP's decisions. We recently voted overwhelmingly to endorse rm  as our candidate of choice, and encourage people to find out more about her and consider her as either their first or second choice.

Voting has just begun, so check out the candidates and cast your vote... Unless there are runoffs, I will be directing any and all LJ elections chatter to either the comments of this post, or to ljunited .

Thanks all -