June 3rd, 2008


Midnight Ridazz at BRC

Midnight Ridazz has registered as a theme camp, providing the bicycle community support. We encourage you to all help us to put on an event in which we will be having a mass ride in the Midnight Ridazz style around the playa. The idea is to get everyone onto their bikes and follow the music around with this massive group of bikes. We will have a party @ our camp at the end of the ride. If anyone else is planning or considering a ride idea like this, please join forces and make this the biggest playa bike ride we have ever had!

Ride On!

Midnight Ridazz: Black Rock City

FRIDAY @ 11:59 PM

Starts @ Center Camp.

Ride will end at Midnight Ridazz Camp for a Party.

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I've been looking for people who are ambitious social climbers, people who want influence, power, money, sex, health, and other hallmarks of what's considered a good life -- and who want it now. Who'll work for it, sure, but who want it now. Today. Yesterday. I've formed a community (urban_hunting) dedicated to that very subject, to honing our skills in social power and influence.

What are some good ways to find people like that?

Thank you.