June 7th, 2008

Burning Man 2005
  • xtingu

Random enthusiasm

No real point to this post other than to say...

Woot!  I'm so psyched for this year!  This is my 4th year, and I'm finally part of a theme camp.  Yay!

And even more excited that I'm officiating my friends' wedding on Friday evening (just before sunset) in our camp's Cathedral of Blessed Debauchery, and to finish off the celebration we're doing a live version of Great Gig in the Sky.  (If there was ever a good reason for me to drink a lot of water, it's so I can sing the bejeezus out of that thing.)

This is also my boyfriend's first trip to the playa, and I'm giddy/slappy just thinking about watching him create.

Plus, I had my first official playa dream two nights ago.  Whee!


Come visit us at Cougar Melon Camp!  Eat some melon.  Pet the cougar (or something).  I'm the chick with antennae.
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