June 13th, 2008


Bitching Burning Babe.

After writing and reading the responses to this post I feel it would be a good idea to explore the reason, feelings, and perspectives on what it means to HAVE a theme and why they are important. This varies from person to person, naturally.

For me, I get to focus my creative energy in a DIRECTION. It also unifies the people participating in that theme WITH ME. I get to be a PART of it, instead of this freaky sideshow. It helps give me confidence in presenting the piece I've worked on because it is understood by everyone (the theme is the unifying factor).

For instance, the below costume was created for an Alice in Wonderland event where I was my own take on the March Hare. Another event I attended in LA was the "Blizzard of Oz" and I made this costume (scary!). My friend Brendan wore a skirt and put freckles on his face (so awesome!), Brandi (rip xxo) was the sexy (OMG!) lion, and Art the tin man in black football padding. HELLA FUN! It just CREATED a fun experience for all those who got to see the mad creativity the theme inspired.

THAT is the base origin of my dispair over this theme. It begets a fun that is rooted in the BAD aspects of "america" (take the car name streets). It almost asks everyone to come out with army fatigue on and wielding guns. VS. sea horses pulling art cars. No?

I am a themester.


Ok, so I just have to vent here for a second and, to "pay" for it, I'll show ya'll a really cute costume I just finished. Deal? :)

WTF IS UP WITH THE THEMES??!!! What happened to the open, nebulous, free-form themes of the "Floating World" and even "The Future"? Why does the ONE place in the whole world that was an escape from controversial things like global warming and the like have to EMBODY it now???


I want innocence. I want a break from the hot topics, the politics, the DOGMA. I want the information upload and overload to STOP FOR ONE FUCKING WEEK so I can smile, dance, and laugh at the faux fur, antics of naughty clowns, and a city that warms me with its generosity. Please! Spare me the constant TAX on my brain and give my heart and soul a moment to breath in the absence of all this global angst.

Ok, now I will give what I ask for: smiles :)

Me as a Big Bunny!!!

PS: thanks for letting me whine/bitch/moan :)