July 28th, 2008

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Ticket for sale in Montreal

A friend here in Montreal has a $225 ticket he needs to sell. If you're interested, contact me at "cogent AT bust DOT com" and I'll put you in touch with him.

By the way, if you're a Montreal Burner or just interested in what's going on in the Montreal Burning Man scene, I've set up an LJ community called Burning Montreal. Not much traffic there as yet, but I will be posting notices of our monthly café meetings, etc.

The official communication organ of the Montreal Burners is the Brûleurs de Montreal Burners mailing list; sign up here if you're interested.

We also have a wiki, a Tribe.net tribe, a Facebook group, and a Flickr group.

See you on the playa!
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blinky sites?

Hi guys!

I'm looking for recommendations on the best sites for buying blinky stuff online...

The only one I remember using in the past was Worldaglow.com, but I would love to try some new places... Usually I buy slow fade led rings, a bunch of glow necklaces/bracelets, simple stuff like that..

Are there are any great shops you can recommend?

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Let's talk frankly about butt sweat.

A lovely, bootylicious gentleman friend of mine is attending BMan for the first time this year, and we were talking about how to stay cool during the day, specifically as it refers to the dreaded SWAMP ASS.

Not having much experience battling swamp ass myself, I'm not sure if swamp ass really occurs on the playa, given the super-dry clime.  I've gotten a little sweaty 'neath the boobages in prior years, so I figure swamp ass is a very real possibility for those blessed with a bountiful backside.

If you're a guy (or a bootylicious gal), do you find that a certain model of underwear helps battle the butt sweat?

My (purely speculative) thoughts are:

1) Freeballing might be a good idea; lordy knows there are plenty of shirtcockin' dudes out there.  I imagine that keeps airflow to a maximum; but I also worry that if one does have a sweaty buttcrack, playa paste 'twixt the cheeks might be a real possibility... and a bad one. 

2) Cotton boxers would probably keep the playa dust out while allowing some airflow and movement.

3)  Wicking "sports" underwear, in some brief-like permutation, might be a good idea, but I don't know if that addresses the specific challenge of buttcrack sweat.  I'm sure it does just fine for buttcheek sweat, but that's not what we're talkin' about.

4) Thongs.  My gentleman friend isn't typically a thong guy, though I imagine he'd look pretty righteous in one.  I figure a thong would help air flow between the butt cheeks a bit.  Anyone with experience wanna share?

What do you think?

Thank you, my cherubs!

[Edit: He's going the kilt/sarong route... We're just trying to figure out what to wear under it, if anything.]
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I think we may be using Seal a Meal our friend is loaning us to prepare some of our food for the Playa this year. Any recipes you have found to be yummy with Seal a Meal? Can you throw a premade Seal a Meal bag in a pot of boiling water? I was reading the website and didn't see anything about that there and was thinking that would be a great way to have full premade meals in little time with little clean up.