July 29th, 2008


Originally posted on Tribe by my friend and fellow Hottie Wagon Train, who rocks like a room full of rocking chairs (but who won't be on playa this year, 'cause he's waiting for a bone marrow transplant - F*CK CANCER!)

Spread the word . . . The word is spreading . . . 11 PM HOTTIE NITE CAP

__)'(__ Every evening at Eleven __)'(__ Gathering of the Mutant Vehicles __)'(__

>> Directly across the Esplanade from the Department of Mutant Vehicles <<

__)'(__ Mass Mobile Pyro __)'(__ Show n Shine __)'(__ Carbon Spew __)'(__

>>>>>>>> Drop by each evening for the 11PM HOTTIE NITE CAP <<<<<<<<<<

***** An excellent opportunity to exhibit your finer details and operations *****

>>>> Don't let your contribution of rides for the community go unnoticed <<<<

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!__)'(__We will fill you up Hottie style__)'(__!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let a Hottie know if you are interested in becoming a "Hosting Mutant Vehicle"


Those of you who came by the DMV last year in our new & improved location on the Esplanade saw what a frakkin' PARTY it turned into while folks were waiting for their night licenses. Why not take that show on the road? Peak Hottie population on the night shift is ~15, so the more mutants that show up at closing time, the better!
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