July 31st, 2008


So... I know not all of you people going to burning man are rich.. or even have any/much money.

So what I want to know is... how are you making it affordable to get there? Do any of you do odd jobs that get you some money that you save?

I am a college student surviving off of college loans, and a part time minimum wage job. My graduation present to myself is going to be Burning Man 09. How do I make this a possibility? Any ideas would be great (especially non-typical ideas.. for example, I already know about ride sharing)

Also, about the scholarship tickets... is there something you have to do for them, besides send an email and hope you get one?


Getting there, and surviving comfortably (we all understand) :)

Hello friends!

So, my cohort in life and I are of COURSE wanting to go to BM this year. Last year she went, the year before we both did, and before that both in 2004, waaay before we were old enough to get in.  BUT. This year we have found ourselves in (DUN DUN DUN) that endless financial crisis that likes to try to kill young poor girls in their 20s (damn you rent!!! and you too, food!)

Being away from our home though, is killing us too, and so we are trying to figure out our possibilities. If we reach our goal, we will be able to afford tickets, gear and gas, but transportation and living is eluding us. We have had HORRENDOUS experiences with our tent....poles braking, NO sleep, dust, and WAY too intense winds. It served us well, and we loved our time in it, but it is no more and we cannot afford another. Neither of our cars are likely to make the trip (one of us is in San Francisco, and one is near Seattle) , and so if we both carpooled we no longer have a tent to stay in.

And so it got us thinking about (gasp!) RV's (anyone else think of the Dana Lyons song when they hear that?) Or even campers. I have been manically quizzing my bewildered family and friends (who never understand!) about borrowing an RV or camper, but to no avail. And renting those things...whew! I don't have to explain to you people.

I am not fond of the large gas vehicles myself, and I find this years theme ironic with our stream of happenstance, but it does answer the problem of storage, sleeping, possibly bringing a friend, cooking and paranoia of small canvas areas. I understand it is unlikely to find an RV to borrow for a lot of love or very cheap, but I am consistently amazed with BM, so I thought...what's it going to hurt? I am posting because I would like ideas, input, thoughts, experiences, feelings and mostly, MOSTLY, to connect with those who understand the need to be there, to breathe the dust and walk the streets, beaming.


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