August 17th, 2008


Rideshare or Room for a Bike to Burning Man?

Hey! My friends and I are looking for either one ride to/from Burning Man or room for one bike (or both!) from Bellingham or Seattle, Washington. Would chip in for gas, and if the bike is the only thing taken, we can give you money, beer, or whatever it is your heart desires (within reason, of course).
Please help us take one more bike and maybe be a little bit more comfortable in a small car. :) Thank you!!



Edit:: Now looking for a ticket too... the person who reserved my friend a ticket gave it to someone else! Darn.
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The Human Canvas Project / Pre Burning Man fun!

I'll be heading down to our lovely home in the desert a mere two days after this... and yes, we did schedule it at this time in hopes that all our fellow burners will come out and have a last (or 2nd to last? hehehe) bash in the city we live in the rest of the year....

Tonight is our last rehearsal before the day of, and things are going GREAT!

We've all put a lot of time, effort and yes, even money into making this happen. It happens at the Fez Ballroom (316 sw 11th) THIS THURSDAY August 21st, and only costs 7 bucks.

This, of course, being many girls nude/semi nude onstage painted white, with video/images/etc projected onto them from 5 or so sources while my musical outfit, Sad Music for Happy Humans, makes thick mindfuck music that builds to utilizing dubstep/dnb/electro/live sampled drum beats. Since this is happening

Afterwards will be some sweet IDM/breakbeat music by the esteemed DJ Tan't, and longtime Portland music makers Ryze + Fall and DJ Harp will be giving us all some great LIVE Drum and Bass and Dubstep to dance the night away with.

I do hope you'll all attend, there is a great buzz going on about this show and I think it's going to end up being fabulous! But it will be moreso if YOU are there.... come say hi!

More info can be found at

Rebar and PVC pipe

I've notice that most articles on BM site suggest building a shade structure out of PVC pipes.  They also say using rebars for securing the structure to the playa.  How do you connect the two?  Do you put the rebar in the ground and put pvc pipe on it so the rebar is simply inside?  If anybody came across a drawing or an article, please forward a link to me.