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LiveJournal Camp @ Burning Man's Journal
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Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

Time Event
if any one has pictures of my camp, VOTED BEST CAMP, if they could post them that would be awesome. We are the camp that has the skateboard ramp, bar, punkrock and probably yelled and harassed you to come drink our whiskey.


Searching for photos
We were playing on the trampoline at Deviant Playground (9 and...Edsel?ish) on Saturday during the dust storm. A couple people came and jumped with us, and several people snagged photos of us, but I didn't think to get contact info, and I'd love to have some of those pictures. There were two of us - me, girl, wearing an air force shirt as a dress, and a tall guy in a jean skirt.

If any one has a photo of us, that'd be awesome.
Photos from Burning Man 2008

I didn't get many, but I thought I'd share what I did get!

Also, if anyone has any pics of me in the bone mask (or any of the various costumes), please share!
lost phone
I lost my green verizon env phone. It has a white latex phone condom. I was camped at 8 15 and j, think I might have lost it at the phone over on the esplanade on the other side of town. please get back to me if you know anything about it.
did anyone get a picture of the crazy perspective "skanking" man at center camp?
Death Guild, Represent!!
Hello from Death Guild Thunderdome! Hope everyone had fun this year, and maybe even came over and fought in our dome (or watched...). I mean, beating up your friends in a 45 foot geodesic dome covered in and surrounded by 250+ of your closest friends cheering "fight, fight, fight?!" What could possibly go wrong?!

Or, maybe you stopped by the Fire Lounge for some booze, some industrial music, and some FIRE!


Any of you have Death Guild pictures? We'd love to see our camp through another perspective.

Keep the cool stuff coming, everybody! I had a great time this year.
I look like a Yeti! How to de-playafy?
Hey all,

Can someone give me tips on how to get the playa dust:

-out of my hair (<-- I'm terrified to wash it! Won't the dust just cake into mud????)

-out of my clothes (I'm assuming I just wash them, but I heard something about vinegar?)

-off of my tent (just water isn't working)

Thanks, all!

HAIR UPDATE: So this thread talks about vinegar. For my hair I:

1) Gently detangled the worst of the dreads with a wide-tooth comb

2) Got in shower, dampened hair, then did a vinegar rinse (2 fingers Apple Cider Vinegar in a pint glass)

3) Shampooed hair. Nice -n- frothy.

4) Conditioned hair.

5) Rinsed with ACV again, and combed through.

6) Rinsed with water.

Although I lost enough hair to make a small voo-doo doll, and I smell vaguely like daikon pickles, this worked! Tangle-free hair!

ooooh, well if you ever take clients, let me know!
I love extensions but have no talent to do them myself. :/

(ps washed the hair! Updated post...)

Current Mood: clean

i was curious as to if anyone got a picture of the creepy fun house clown with his animatronic sex clown on the esplanade? also, was anyone brave enough to get fucked by the animatronic sex clown?

also. did any of your camps get cited by the us department of homeland decency? if so, please share your story! that was us. we only made it out one day, it's hard to motivate a whole camp.

i will post my flickr pics from this year shortly. once we unpack, clean wash and find things like cameras!

it was nice to be back. it was my first burn since '03.

and hurray for a decent theme. hopefully they build the man and it's standings out of wood and not medal next year.

much love.

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