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Friday, September 5th, 2008

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Pimping my project
Hey burners -

Welcome back to the default world. (Bummer, I know.) However, if you want to keep a little bit of the playa with you all year long I've got an art project you might be interested. This year at the burn I took a picture for every day of the year. They will be uploading at 12:01 on the corresponding day.

You can either just watch the flickr account directly (the set is here) or follow the livejournal rss feed at 365burningman. If you follow the RSS feed here on lj, clicking the picture will take you to flickr to see the picture in high resolution.


Current Mood: busy
As we say in french: "J'ai mange de la poussiere!" But in a good way :)

I felt quite sad to leave after most of everybody... I was looking for the after party, but I could not... This is hard to come back to "real life". I got sun burns, lot of dust, but whatever the weather, I enjoyed every magical day! And I came without any idea of what it could be (I just hear about it 9 month ago and thrown my money without any expectation!), even with some fears (people, place, etc), but in fact, I was comfortable, like home... Next time I come (which was sure even after the first day!), may be next year or later after, I'll be sure to decorate a golf cart, have a kite, an umbrella, walkie-talkies and a nice costumes!

Burning Man for me was about people and experimentations. I almost haven tooked any sleep to see and do all I could. I specially like "Home", the "Geisha House", the "Vortex" and the mini-golf, tetris and the legos!! Hope they'll still be there next time! Thanks for everybody how gave me gifts, like stickers, ice cones, etc... I gonna come next time with more Nerds in my pockets too ^^

Enjoy, take care all of you and hopefully see you in the future!

Current Mood: Dreaming
I hate posts about stolen playa art, but here is one - please redistribute

Claudia Rose (the artist who made the BRC Ranger Tribute in center camp
cafe) would like it back.  It was stolen burn night.  If you know where
it might be please contact her - claudia@claudiarose.net - more info
here:  http://www.claudiarose.net/missingranger.jpg

Edit: The mannequin was found behind Center Camp, today. The BR Rangers at Tokyo were advised, and asked to take possession of it. God only knows the stories he can tell from being taken out behind center camp and done goddess knows what with ;-)

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