October 3rd, 2008

Me 3/08

Baking at Burning Man!

2008 was my first burn and I can wait for next year! Here are some photos of my playa baking adventures!

The idea: I wanted to bring some of my passions with me out to the desert, so in addition to carting out some of my massage gear, I made a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough before the trip, rolled it into little balls and froze it. Here is the big clump of dough out on the playa pre-baking.

"Baking" cookies on the trunk of a car. I tried to make a foil tent for it, but it kept blowing away.

New tactic: "Baking" cookies on the dashboard of a car. I was going for the "bug under a magnifying glass" effect here. It worked slightly better than the trunk, but they still weren't cooked. Nobody complained about eating warm, gooey, chocolatey dough balls though. I just wished I'd had some ice cold milk.

The verdict: Neat idea, and the experiment was fun, but it was a pain in the ass to make sure the raw dough was being kept cool enough every day, and actual cookies never came to fruition. I lost some of the dough on the last day when water from the cooler got into the container I was storing it in. Next year I'll just make a shit ton of baked goods in advance to bring on the trip.