January 14th, 2009


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I'm curious if all orders received the same vague message at the end, or if it's just some of us...

The message read:

"Your order may have completed.
Please click here to try again or contact customer support. "

I put my order in again and got the same message. This was over a half hour ago and I still haven't received any confirmation emails (or reply from the tech crew)... I want the cheap tickets! :-P

Edit!::: It worked the third time! I'm pretty confident hoping that my card won't be overcharged. You just have to keep trying till you get the confirmation code.... I'm so excited!! 234 days till the man burns...
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Counter stopped ticking

I'm in the queue at 7,788.

It counts down, but is no longer incrementing.

Anyone else having this problem?

EDIT: Okay, looks like it was momentary. After about 10 minutes, it started decrementing again. Thanx for the dialog though!

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It took me an hour and 45 minutes to get to the purchase screen. I was stuck in line at 355 for about 7 minutes. Then, when I went to check out, I had issues with the cards I was using and got error messages. When I used *my* card, it went through twice for one ticket each time (the other ticket has already been sold though).

It sucks but be patient, it will go through.

Safe internet journeys to all.

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Attempt #1, 10:01am, Firefox: The (what turned out later to be - but I had no idea at first) sub-frame that counts down and shows position in the queue simply did not load within the page; instead a gray square showed. Yet the blue squares kept running above it, with instructions not to close the page. I waited for a while before figuring this is futile.

Attempt #2, ~20 minutes later, IE: Loaded fine; queue position 4500+. About 40 minutes later when countdown gets to ~2800 that frame craps out on the next refresh inside IE. Blue letters "Page could not load" are visible. Refresh of the page does nothing.

Attempt #2 at reviving browser window #1, by reloading that sub-frame only from the context menu, puts me back in line at position 5000+. Countdown gets stuck multiple time for 20-30 minutes at the time, still going.

No tickets for me so far.
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Ticket sales - official info

Hi everyone,

Our sales are going well, but, just like Exodus, there can be traffic jams, and we need to actively control the flow.

We need to slow down the queue at times to allow transactions to process.

Keep your place in line (i.e. don't start another window) even if the queue is not moving.

If you get the message "your order may have been processed":
wait 5 min, check your email for a confirmation and if there's nothing there, retry.

Hang in there, and think about "patience" as the 11th principle :)

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A lil help??

Ok, so I *accidentally* purchased 2 tickets (one on one try and the second on the other), got 2 conformation emails from PayPal and 2 conformation emails from Burning Man. I didn't need two, but I called a friend who was still like 4000 in line and told her that I got an extra one and she said she would get it from me and got out of the line que. She transferred the funds directly into my bank account at that moment for the full amount (ticket, service fee and shipping charge). NOW I get an email saying that it was refunded because of the "double charge". I didn't dispute the double charge in the first place so I don't know why one of the tickets was refunded. Now, all of the tier 1 tickets are gone and tier 2, I'm sure, is almost gone. I'm trying to get a hold of her, but she's at work and I can't contact her at this time.

I don't know what to do....anyone??