January 16th, 2009

Tree Dreaming

Newbie Question

I bought my ticket for my first ever Burning Man this week, and I'm pretty excited and simultaneously terrified of going. It'll be a pretty bold move for me, the type of thing I've always wanted to do but was always too scared to take the risk.

I've read the survival guide and spent a lot of time on the website, but I do have a question, brought about by a conversation I had with one of my friends.

Him: "You're going to Burning Man?"

Me: "Yup."

Him: (lots of laughter later) "You? You're going to Burning Man? You realize it's like a non-stop kegger, and everyone's going to be on tons of drugs?"

(I'm straight-edge when it comes to drugs/alcohol)

Me: "Maybe, maybe not, but I don't plan on doing any of that."

Other Friend: "Yeah, but you may get high off of stuff in the air."

Anyway, this brings me to my question: I know in the survival guide it advises against mind-altering substances, but how prevalent are drugs on the playa, and what is the likelihood of me finding my own mind altered? I really hope this question doesn't come off as accusatory or anything like that.

Oh, and by the end of the evening, said friend decided he wanted to go to Burning Man, too. Ha. :)