January 24th, 2009


Burning Matrimony...!

Has anyone reading this ever gotten married on the Playa? Know anyone that has? Seen anyone that did??

I'd love to have some discussions on the tips and tricks of it! Obviously getting married in BRC is an anything goes sort of venue. And I've already read the BM org's link about getting a license. But, being a person that wants to keep a just a few of the traditional aspects involved in this wildly non traditional type of wedding....tell me what things worked for you, warn me of things you may have tried that failed, or what you may think is an interesting or creative idea for a Playa wedding.

This is my 4th year going to BM and this year's theme, Evolution, is a pretty exciting one that I feel offers so many possibilities!! Just this morning my fiance suggested that he'd like to build a pulpit for our officiant (who just got ordained to, as he said, Unite the Legbas in Burning Matrimony!) to give the ceremony from. If I understood correctly, this pulpit would consist of the cut out shape of a monkey on each side, and a platform for him to stand on. Cool!

There are a few things I can't figure out how to still incorporate in a wedding held at BM. My major lament was the wedding cake! My fiance suggested we have one, and keep it in dry ice. He's a materials scientist, so I'm not worried about the arrangements or execution of that, but I wonder if it's the best way to go? Another friend said they had a pound cake, and sprayed canned whipped cream on it for icing at the time of the wedding. Someone else suggested we have a traditional cake and keep separate layers or parts of it in people's RV fridges!?

Favors...there are probably endless possibilities for wedding favors...but I don't really have any good ideas yet...

I was thinking just last nite that I would have French Maids ("Nobody told me about all this dust!") for any bridesmaids I happen to have...one of the down sides of the whole Playa Wedding idea is that important people in your life may be Non-Burners, and may not be willing to become a Burner for your wedding, so I figure I'm getting married with my BM family, and lucky if that includes any of my Default World friends or family.

Alright then! Enough blather on my part!! Anyone want to blather back?!
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