March 19th, 2009

Gas Mask Bitch

First Timer

Hello! So this is going to be my first time at Burning Man. I have already read everything there is to on the burning man site as well as on some forums. I was just wondering if anyone had any advice on how to prepare or things I might need to bring that I might not think of?
Not only is this my first time at burning man but it will be my first time camping. There is a chance I will get an RV if a friend goes but if not I will be in a tent of some sort or whatever else might be more suitable. I saw there are these dessert dome things that look cool but seem really pricey and god knows if I can set it up.
Any Adice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated as the next 5 months I am going to be getting everything I need in hopes of not forgetting anything, though I know I will.

Thanks Again!.
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A few words from the admin...

Or rather, just sharing an email I got from LiveJournal Inc., a subsidiary of some Russian company or whatever...

> Hi there,
> As you may have heard, LiveJournal is turning 10 next
> month—and one of the ways we’re celebrating is by
> publishing a beautiful anthology highlighting 100 memorable
> journals and communities from over the past decade. Recently
> we sent you an email asking if we could publish an entry
> from the burning_man community in the anthology, but we
> haven't heard back from you and are concerned that
> perhaps our original email (sent from lj10mod) never reached
> you.
> Here's the gist of it: your community is on our
> shortlist for possible inclusion in the book! If one of your
> entries makes the final cut, you’ll receive a $20 LJ gift
> certificate (that's a year's worth of Paid Account
> time or 2 years' worth of userpic add-ons)—not to
> mention that the burning_man community will have one of its
> entries highlighted and preserved for all time in the
> LiveJournal 10th Anniversary Anthology.
> If you’re interested in having your community considered
> during the final editorial round of this exciting project
> (and we sure hope you are) here’s what happens next: Email
> us back, by 11:59 p.m. PST on Sunday, March 22, 2009, with
> links to your five favorite entries from the Advice
> community.
> We’ll read all the solicited entries we receive very
> carefully, and one of your entries will either be selected
> for the book itself or celebrated in the also-nifty
> “honorable mention” category (which comes with a $5 LJ
> gift certificate—that’s 2 months' worth of Paid
> Account time). Once we make our final decisions, later this
> month, we'll email the poster of the selected entry a
> contributor contract to sign and fax back to us, granting us
> permission to publish the entry in the anthology.
> A few things to consider, as you select entries for
> submission:
> *Any images need to be available in print quality (at least
> 300 dpi)
> *We can’t use entries with video or that contain images
> copyrighted by someone other than the person who posted the
> entry.
> Thanks for being such a valuable part of the LiveJournal
> community. We look forward to hearing from you soon!
> Many thanks,
> The LiveJournal Editorial Staff

My response? :
"No thanks. Not interested. It's against our ethos, and no pictures from Burning Man are acceptable in a major publication unless previously approved by Burning Man itself."



So why is it that the rideshare board that is listed on eplaya is still stuck in 2008 and filled with spam?

I can't seem to set the search parameters to show me the 2009 entries and when i do searches for specific locations i get shit that looks like this:

my jaw ached. Suddenly Penny pushed me away, I fell to the floor, she stood and pulled the leash attached to my collar and I crawled after her to the bedroom. redtub

although funny i dont think this helps me find or offer a ride to the playa.

Is there a different link to a 2009 rideshare? is there another rideshare board entirely?