April 2nd, 2009

hobbit hole

Goodbye Timber

I found out this morning that a fellow Colorado burner died yesterday morning.
Timber left an entire community devastated and grieving.
Every encounter I had with him was positive, he had such an infectious smile and laugh. His hugs were fantastic and his art was even better. He was just starting to show all of us how to live by your art and doing a damned good job of it.
This ending was not expected and we're all still shocked.
I can only stop crying for a little while at a time and I was barely a friend, Fucking Lee and the Pink Pussies are beyond devastated - Lee was weeping unstoppably when I talked to him this morning.
He built the ANT artcar and was mastermind behind the ANT camp as far as I know.

Please send some love to Timber's friends and family.

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