May 5th, 2009

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DON'T DRINK DASANI Oh and don't buy Shell Oil Edited for relevance

Recently I have a conversation with someone who was a diplomat in India and he told me how in India the people are sooo poverty stricken it is horrifying and the only thing every person rich or pour alike can have equal access to is water. For years now Coca Cola has gone to India to bottle water to meet the demand for their water. Communities across India living around Coca-Cola's bottling plants are experiencing severe water shortages, directly as a result of Coca-Cola's massive extraction of water from the common groundwater resource. The wells have run dry and the hand water pumps do not work any more. They offer to sell it back to them, at discount, what they should be getting for FREE!

As Burners we can understand what desert living is like, and without access to water that living can easily become dying. We know that right now we should all be upping our water intake in preparation for heading home. I would ask you to please consider not buying Dasani so the demand for it will drop and Coke will have no need to deplete India's water table. Coke is NOT a LNT company, there is much more to the articles about how Coca-Cola has been indiscriminately discharging its waste water into the fields around its plant and sometimes into rivers, including the Ganges, in the area. The result has been that the groundwater has been polluted as well as the soil. Public health authorities have posted signs around wells and hand pumps advising the community that the water is unfit for human consumption. The reason I posted this here is because it hit me how much water our community consumes and how strongly the burners I know believe in trying to following the Ten Principles so I thought that some of you would like the heads up.

These are excerpts from articles. If you drink Coke please stop and if you don't want to give up Coke at least stop drink their Dasani water!!!! Collapse )
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