July 26th, 2009

Missing Person: Elias Sorokin

Seen this evening/morning on Burncast.TV:

Reposted from Facebook via Minx Larsen:

Please Help! Elias Sorokin has been missing since Monday 7/20...
... he went up to Northern California for a few meetings and has not returned to LA. He was last seen Monday evening 7/20/09 around 8 pm in Oakland.

A text was received to my dear friend Andrea (his good friend and business partner) on Monday night at 10 pm that he would be arriving back to LA around 4 am, Tuesday morning. He has not been heard of since.

We have now found out that someone has tried to cash a falsified check (he carries his check book on him at all times) and tried to use his credit cards.

We have filled a missing persons in Oakland. He drives a 2007 Toyota Tacoma beige/gold. License number 8H92932.

If you have any information, if you've seen him, anything at all. Please email me at minx006.9_[at]_gmail.com or call me 323-314-7200. Although, I'm happy for your best thoughts and well wishes please do not bombard my email or phone. I need relevant information at this time. I know all of your hearts are with us at this time.

Please post this to your Facebook. Even if you do or don't know Elias.

We have filled a missing person and have a private investigator, we are looking for answers and need your help.

With all my heart,

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