July 30th, 2009

Burner Drink Recipes Needed

I'm putting together a database/file/booklet of playa-perfect drinks. I'm mainly looking for bar drinks that translate to a 5 gallon cooler jug easily, but smaller works too (math isn't that hard!).

Please leave a playa name with the recipe so I can give you a "submitted by" shout out.

I have a few already, and would like to know more.

This isn't going to be published or anything like that. It's mainly a file for myself, and I may throw it up online as a free thing if it becomes extensive enough. The idea springs from the fact that the camp I've been involved with usually does 5 gallon batches of 1-3 drinks each night. Once that's gone, the bar closes until tomorrow. We've been running bars at Decomp and regional the same way, but the list of 10 or so drinks is getting a bit boring so far. I'd like to hear what you've got so we can keep things original. Having an open-source drink share program is a great way to never run out of ideas.

Here's one of my favorites:

Fuck You Up Punch! by sissyBitch

2 1.75L bottles of Vodka
3 2L of Lemonade (regular, raspberry or pink), Fruit Punch, or some other similar thing.
1 2L of Ginger Ale or Lemon Lime
1 bag of ice
8-12 cans of Monster Energy Lo-Carb (Assault and KHAOS work well too, cherry and orange flavors)

You can also add more of a punch to this punch by substituting half your Monster for SPARX Plus. I also generally add one 5 Hr Energy Shot to my first nalgene-full.

The great part about this punch is that it tastes fruity, not too boozy, and it keeps you partying all night long. Not too bad a hangover unless you get into the 3 nalgene-full range. Since the Monster and Sparx (plus the 5 Hr Energy if you go that route) aren't cheap, I've sometimes gone the route of making this for in camp only, giving it out at the beginning of the night, then making something simpler for the masses.

So, what do you got?