August 21st, 2009

Colors fighting

Kittens really need a home - go go burner awesomeness.

This is off topic, but burners are the best people on earth, and I need some of those right now. Long story short - I foster kittens. Kittens are awesome. Black kittens are hard to adopt because people are weird. I've adopted out the rest of this litter, but I've got two black balls of wonderfulness left. One of the black kittens tested positive for FIV. The test is very likely false (false positives are common before six months - more info below the cut) and FIV doesn't really even suck that much for a cat owner. But it means I'm having a hard as hell time getting these two perfect girls (one healthy, one might have FIV) adopted together.

I'm even willing to find you a cat sitter for the burn. I'm in the city of San Francisco. If you know anyone that can take two black super cute kittens (one of who might have FIV) please let me know.

Thanks for any help! Now back to your regular sales posts and complaints about cell phone usage...

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I'm sorry, but this will probably be my last year at Burning Man. Having viewed the last few posts, I'm already offended and outraged beyond rational response.

The massive profiteering and invasion of privacy being propagated by kittens with cellphones MUST STOP. The kittens will totally take advantage of their cuteness to snap photos of unsuspecting naked women all week long! As a part-time novice art car driver, I can already see the nightmare unfold, as kittens talking on their cellphones carelessly tread under the rolling wheels. No more kitten deaths at Burning Man!


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