August 23rd, 2009

  • sayaka

Hair Removal

Okay, ladies (and some of you gentlemen), I have a question.

The last two times I've gone to Burning Man, I've shaved my legs (I'm usually just too busy to do waxing/sugaring) beforehand. This led to me being itchy and sad and wishing I'd taken the time to get them waxed instead. So, this year I'm going to get it done - I left myself plenty of time! Usually I don't have any sort of event I'm going to when I get my legs waxed so I don't even think about that sort of thing.

Also... as much as I appreciate "go au naturel!" as a suggestion, I'm not looking for whether I should do hair removal before or during Burning Man (or at any other time of the year!). All I'm looking for is opinions/suggestions on when I should do it. :)

Don't get me wrong, think I'm putting you down or think I'm "buying into the system." I'm totally down with body hair - removing mine is just a personal preference and choice (I also shave half my head.). Don't ever shave/wax because someone tells you to or you feel like you "should!" This also goes for hairstyles/cuts/extensions, tattoos, make-up, you get the idea.. I believe you should never have to be anybody but yourself. Period.

So, my playa-mates (playamates... playmates... see what I did there? Whee!), help me out! I go to a professional to have this done, I do NOT do it myself. When should I get my legs waxed before I leave? A week? A couple days? What's your experience been?
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