August 15th, 2010

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  • flwyd

Suggestions for Burning ABCs

Hey everybody,

This burn I'll be taking pictures for a photography project called The ABCs of Burning Man. The idea is to create a fun presentation to introduce virgins and non-burners to some of the things they'd encounter in Black Rock City. For instance, B might be for Bacon or for Bicycle. In the former case, I'd talk about nutrition in the desert and the ubiquity of salted pork; in the latter case I'd talk about our bicycle city and show some interesting human-powered vehicles.

I've got ideas for most of the letters, but some of them are a bit tougher, so I'm seeking suggestions. Things should be fairly universal to the Burning Man experience: "O is for Opulent Temple" is too specific, but "S is for Sound Camps" would be great. The toughest letters seem to be J, N, O, Q, R, U, W, X, and Y, but please share any interesting "_ is for ______" ideas you have.

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