July 2nd, 2011

Lotus Flower

Burning Man vs Pennsic - anyone familiar with both?

My husband and I are Burners, and we're friends with a couple of SCA people who go to Pennsic every year. We are not at all interested in SCA stuff, historical re-enactment, battles, or whatever.... but these people keep trying to tell us that Pennsic is "just like Burning Man" and that we'd love it (They have never been to Burning Man). A few of the things we really love about Burning Man is the absolute freedom of expression (no specific "garb" to wear!), the fantastic art & technology, and the FIRE!

I really don't think we'd ever have much interest in going to Pennsic, but if it's really NOT that much about historical SCA stuff as our friends claim, and is a lot more "anything goes" like BM is, then maybe we'd consider giving it a go some year... Is there anyone here with firsthand experience from both Pennsic and Burning Man, who is able to really compare/contrast the two events?