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With all the limitations being put on photography at the event this year, I am actually considering not taking my camera, even though photography of the event is my own personal art. I don't try to make any money off of any of my photography, let alone Burning Man, but use it more just to document my experiences.
In the past, I have always tried to ask before taking a shot, except in the cases where many people are dancing/juggling/playing and I want to try to get them all interacting. I especially love to shoot fire-dancers, as many feel I can capture not only the art of the dance, but the dancer as well.
I'm thinking that I might go ahead and take my camera if there is anyone interested in having me follow you around for a couple of hours in order to document your own experiences. For example, if you are going to get "married," or while building your dome, or even just making a meal for a party or event at your theme camp.
Not only would this be my art, but it would also be my gift, as I can upload all the pictures to the web for you to download into your own directories to do with as you please.
If no one is interested, I will likely keep the camera at home. But even if just one of you is, I'll take it.
I know there are a lot of fire-dancers out there who would like more pictures of themselves spinning. Or if you just want pictures of you and your campmates lounging around your camp. I'd hate it if I didn't get to bring the camera.
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