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BM Theme Camp Fundraiser

This year our
theme camp (Pyramid Scheme) is building a 40-foot
pyramid. Contrary to our name no one will be getting
rich off of this fundraising event…in fact this
project will cost about $3200.00 (cost of wood,
canvas, hardware, and transportation) and while we
have received some money in donations ($436.00) the
out of pocket expense is far more. A spreadsheet
detailing out all of the costs associated with the
pyramid is available if you would like to review it.

What we are asking for: In order to help pay for this
expensive art project the Pyramid Scheme is auctioning
off some of its members. Winners of each Auction will
have the person or persons at their disposal for a day
(12 hours in most cases). They can be set at a variety
of tasks, from housework to using each person’s unique
abilities and skills. You could take them on a date,
or have them do your yard work, or just enjoy their
company. With such well-rounded people the
possibilities are endless.

Please visit the following links to the bios and bid
on one or more of these interesting people at

How it works: Bids will be secretly tabulated and
updated (by hand, so check back regularly) on each web
page. The minimum bid for one person is 20.00 when
someone has bid that amount. Any person can raise the
bid in dollar increments. One person does not have to
be the sole winner of an auctionee, pool your money
together with other people and split the auctionee’s
time between all parties.

The highest bid received by August 1st 2003 at
midnight (GMT) will be the winner. Winners will be
notified by e-mail and will then be placed in contact
with the Auctionee. The 12 hours the Winner has won
must be used by October 12th, 2003. The 12 hours will
be a mutually agreed upon time between the Winner and

Agreements: As Winner you will be responsible for the
Auctionee's well being and any expenses that are part
of your activities, meals, travel, etc. Travel should
be limited to the Auctionee's home state (although
arrangements can be made for out of state travel). No
one is obligated to do anything he or she finds
immoral, distasteful, or illegal. At the discretion of
the Auctoinee, up two 2 friends may accompany him or
her on any activity, at their expense. This is to make
sure everyone is safe, is well treated and has a good
time. If a person feels threatened or abused at any
point they may end the day and refund 1/2 of the
funds. All proceeds from these auctions will benefit
the 40' tall pyramid that is being build as an art
project for Burning Man.

Donations: If you like you may also just donate money
to the cause, Naked Mike has set up a pay pal account
for donations his pay pal account is
mike@nudeinaz.com. Thank you in advance for any and
all donations, help, and for being part of this

Apologies if I am out of line in posting this but I thought this community might be interested.

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