Here comes trouble... (liltrouble222) wrote in burning_man,
Here comes trouble...

a few more

Okie so I have a few more questions:
My aunt is going for sure with her husband...they are buying their tickets this week. Which of course is still no guarantee but I will make arrangements accordingly. Some of these may seem dumb, but you know what they say...well i dont remember but yeah...

So my questions:
1) where do we set up camp - they are coming prepared with big tents, shade tents...ect. Is there certain designated spots for non theme camp people? Is this the solo camp that one person mentioned?
2) is there a certain amount of space that we get to set up camp? we were gonna bring some rugs, and you know make a lil home for ourselves...
3) if we arrived on weds would it be difficult to find a place to camp?
4) are you allowed to bring a propane cooking thing...i would figure yes, but not sure?

ok. i think that is all for now.

thanks so much everyone for your help.

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