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The lanterns I have been making

In a recent JRS there was a webpage about modifying solar powered lamps. I took the idea and made a few portable solar-powered lanterns out of them for use around our camp, hanging from bikes, and for playa gifts.

This one was a skeleton replica I had sitting around. The solar panel makes the perfect hat for him.

This one is one foot long beaded fringe and some beaded trim from the Czech Republic around the top. My mom has dibs on it, but I have enough stuff to make another

This one was a wedding gift for some friends. The Organza really shimmers in the light when it is going

This was one of the first lanterns I made.

They are really easy and I have all kinds of ideas for others. I hope to see a lot of them out there this year! One tip, hot glue-gun glue tends to melt in the heat of an average warm day. I put a few outside to make sure. The glue melted and the trim fell off of some of the others that I made. I'll be reglueing them with something else.

The lights are really cheap at both the Home Depo and Wal-Mart right now.


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