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Newbie FAQ under construction & I need your help!

I'm putting up a newbie FAQ on my website for the commonly asked questions that people ask their first time going to Burning Man. I've got about 20 questions now, mainly from looking through the archives of this community, but would love help if anyone knows anymore.

1. what kind of food is good to take out to the playa?
2. what kind of shelter should I take out to the playa?
3. what kind of shoes should I wear on the playa?
4. what about showering on the playa?
5. where do we set up camp
6. is there a certain amount of space we get to set up camp
7. I saw there is no fire � is it okay to bring a propane cooking stove?
8. what is a theme camp? Do we need to be involved in one? How do you go about finding one?
9. what about cameras at burning man � I heard they were really strict about that
10. what is the difference between gifting and bartering?
11. what are good items to bring for gifting
12. what is leave no trace (LNT)? How does it affect me?
13. I�m from ___________ and I need a ride. Can you help me?
14. I am looking for __________ can you help me find them?
15. I am from ___________ and am looking for other burners in my area � can you help me find them?
16. I�m looking for an alcohol / drug free camp � do they exist?
17. I heard this rumor that __________ - how can I find out if its true?

I am also pulling little tidbits of information from people on this list who have given advice I think will be helpful for the long terms and also pulling out links as well. People will be given full credit for their contributions, but if there is something here you don't want posted on another website, please let me know and I won't grab it.

I'm just trying to make a section of my site useful to people who are new to the Burning Man experience. Thanks for your help!
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