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Every dream has its price.

Wanderingangel 2003

"Should the human race not be extinguished by a nuclear war it will
degenerate into a flock of stupid, dumb creatures under the tyranny of
dictators who rule them with the help of machines and electronic computers.
This is no prophecy, just a nightmare." -- Max Born (Bulletin of the Atomic
Scientists, November 1965)

The greatest gift that one human can receive from another is to be seen for who one really is.

The sky IS falling. It is foolish to laugh at those who believe that imaginary giants will come to destroy us, when we are ignoring the very real gremlins that are tearing us apart right now.

Everything exists within a context.

What is the most valuable thing you are doing with your life currently?

When we affirm the actions of those we support, we encourage them to continue those actions and will consequently have a greater impact toward replacing the actions of those who make choices we would not wish to support.

For me, I am not afraid of my own death or great suffering, or witnessing the death of those close to me, or even witnessing the ravages of pestilence upon my loved ones, for all of these may come despite the best efforts of a world united. What scares me is the thought of living in a society where people no longer take joy in embracing each other, where the threat of brutality and injustice is as common as the indifference of a neighbor.


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