dána (halffast) wrote in burning_man,

you've got questions. they've got answers.

even this late in the game, folks are still forthcoming with great info.

i asked on the pottie list if BMorg had looked into those walk in urinal trough portas, since that should speed things up for a lot of folks and cause there to be even less piss on the seats

quick answer back, just thought i'd share.:

Yes indeed, we're looking into the pissoi's. Several folks have submitted
info on these rigs and we're talking to our vendor about them. I don't know
if anything is going to manifest this year beyond a couple for "test
purposes" but hopefully we'll be able to add them to our regular potty banks
in future.
Burn on,

(also, if anyone has ideas on how to make portas that are out on the open playa visible day or night, some folks are trying to work on that project)
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