funferal (jodymeme) wrote in burning_man,

return of the red menace

because it is never too early to start planning for Christmas.

My Burner Brothers and Sisters,

Let me tell you, love, that some of the same minds that brought forth Burning Man unto this Earth also gifted the world with the phenomenon known as Santacon! Firmly rooted in Cacophony, Santacon is a subversive meme that has infected our society in insidious ways the past decade. Touched by the spirit of Dionysus and guided by the organizing principles of Eris, santarchy is a movement that threatens to bring the entire world power structure to its knees.

Witness: our Rampage at Burning Man on Thursday night last year. After battling those fucking klowns at Disturbia, we hijacked their m'tha'f'ck'n art bus rolling orgy deals and spread mayhem throughout Black Rock City. My friends, I can tell you that I've done several Santa Rampages in various cities, and in our beloved desert before, some of them reaching absolute legendary status in terms of debauchery and menace, but never have I felt as glorious as I did rampaging Black Rock City last year. The Death Guild's Thunderdome was in full action, with hundreds of spectators (believe me, that's what these pseudo-Mad Maxians were) when The Santa and some krazy klowns did a run through for several minutes, getting hit, swung into, belted and pelted, abused and screamed at by a bunch of losers all dressed in black.

No foolin', it was the high point of my life.

We've gotta run Black Rock again this year. We'll rumble down those klowns, we'll kick some ass on the Death Guild. Hell, with enough liquid courage, I'm sure we could even beat down those pussies over at DPW.

Maybe it's just the tequila talkin', or the LSD, or the jagermeister, or the lithium, or the cocaine, or the ephedra, or the extract of pineal gland, or this goddamned heat, but I tell you, it will happen.

Get yer ass over to santarchy and let's make Black Rock City pay for being populated with ravers.

brought to you by the man, the myth, the legend
the world's most notorious Santa
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