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Bill Hicks Bloody Mary Revival Service

Bill Hicks Bloody Mary revival Service

Our evolution has not stopped. We sit at the apex of....of nothing. There is no "end" or "best" or conclusion, ever. Further, we have the power to evolve. Beyond walking upright and creating language, past the creation of science and the fashioning of ideas - there is much yet to do, to explore and Become.

We are infants and it is not too late to realize our potential.

Let's say there's an enlightenment scale. Somewhere near the bottom are ignorant, scared, unaware people in Oklahoma. Towards the top maybe you'd find Al Einstein, Gandhi and their like.

We all hear those voices at the top. We respect them and listen, a little. But, for the effect of those voices higher on the scale to be felt there must be more voices. There must be more people willing to stand up and NOT accept the status quo. I submit that non-acceptance is not enough - revolution requires active participation and recruitment.

Hitler affected countless numbers, and only because he believed in himself and won over others to the power of his ideas. It is not unthinkable that change this radical, and POSITIVE, can be affected. We don't cull the "weak" from the herd, we raise them up. Knowledge is responsibility. Is the price of greatness, as Churchill said.

What if you had the power to impress positive change upon a dozen people? Upon hundreds? Thousands? Millions? At what point do you feel responsible for letting down those you haven't affected?

We are living in a very fucked up state of being. But what we keep ignoring is that, 'You are right.' Not the people that want to sell you something, not the Governement, not religions based on fear. YOU are right. It's why Life feels so hard, why depressiona and anxiety are so common place - because it's a veritable impossibility to sort all of this out and still wake up and feel good about it all.

The human race as a whole is more educated and enlightened than ever before in it's shallow history. And we're trying to mesh that with a World that is still very brutal and crude in it's methods. And that's okay - change is hard, and slow.

There are people with some modicum of power, with money, with a vested interest in keeping you happy and disillusioned in your hum drum existance. They spread fear. They seperate us. They would have us believe that, without them, we would surely be in grave danger.

It's a lie. It's all a very bad lie. And that's okay - knowing you've lived under the happy delusion of a lie is okay - if you're willing to change it. Because we have the power to affect amazing change. We are powerful beings that can change this ride, this reality, any time we want to.

"Let's overwork ourselves to the bone to save the minds of those we'll never know we touched..." My friend Vern said that, and I love him for it. But I think we'll know. I think we can work and push and *know* what we've done.

We'll know because 'we are all one conscienceness, experiencing itself subjectively...'

Dogma and Dubious, 12:00 on Sunday, Bloody Marys and interpreted Hicks.

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