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Burning Inside

11 more days until I journey to the playa for the very first time. I want to get on my knees and worship the ground that promises my healing. Healing I have spent my whole existence searching for... I am so not ready, I am trying to create things for my friends I will meet, something that will remind them that a lil faerie really wants to heal the brokenness inside of them, and nourish their dreams back into the reality in which they breathe. Yesterday I worked from the time I opened my eyes at 7 until I feel asleep from exhaustion at 1am. I am trying to create peace in my home so that when I return from the playa I can start on my books. My books have nothing to do with the event or the people, my books are the reason I was put on this earth, the playa is going to give me the space and energy and courage to fulfill my purpose in life. 11 more days... in a society driven existence, then I can be free and fly....
Tawnee Lynne
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