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No Expectations?(I expect by the time I leave for burning man I will figure out how to post on LJ

you guys make me laugh. How can any human attend anything without having some expectation? My expectations are simple, I am going to fly, my wings will open up and I will feel freedom like I have never before. My best friend that died in December, will see me fly. I have heard others say that the advice they were given is no expectations also, and they went with the same openness that I feel. that the freedom of self expression without judgement as long as there is harm to none is the only expectation any of us can have. But to be totally devoid of even that expectation would make burning man just another vacation... right? I expect the weather to be hot, so I prepare, I expect that I will make some new friends, so I am making trinkets for them... How can one person drum excitement for an event if you aren't supposed to have expectations? Just a thought...
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