sugarpop (touchemoi) wrote in burning_man,

just the two of us

we are going to camp alone. thank you to everyone who responded to my earlier post. it was oh-so helpful.

the reason we couldn't get involved on a bigger camp earlier is that we have a toddler and were having trouble making arrangments for him. then some friends who have been going to burning man for years told us that we "NEEDED" a big camp to camp with, and that there is no way to camp alone. this seemed weird to us, and now we know it's just not true, that it is fine to camp alone. truth is that any camp would probably benefit from having us because we are bringing so much extra H20, food, and other fun resources. we are also experienced outdoors-men, and campers. and we love love love sharing and nurturing. so if anyone around us needs anything we will give it to them, and maybe our camp will be amazing anyways, even though it only consists of two people.
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