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Ticket needed/Ride possible available/woohoo its comin

Hiya everyone. Since its getting close to the date and my procrastination is starting to work against me I thought I would post and see if anyone has needs matching mine.

1) I still need a ticket ( due to money problems earlier in the year.
If anyone is selling please ask them to either post to me here or email me at heather@heatherpowers.com

2) I'm driving up alone from Berkeley sometime between Saturday and Tuesday (not quite sure exactly when yet)
If anyone is desperate for a ride I might be able to take some stow aways with me. It might be nice just for safety sake ( you know how the road to BRC tends to eat cars for breakfast!)

3) Does anyone know of any UC Berkeley people heading out? I just transferred in and I'm nervous about skipping the first week of classes. Thats why I haven't decided which day to leave yet. Any experience on the subject would be greatly appreciated.

4) Woo hoo! Come visit me at Carousel Numinous! Esplanade @ 5:30 just take a right out of center camp, we're right there.
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