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informatively speaking....

My apartment looks like a tornado hit, my cat can't figure out what I'm doing, and I've just about finished packing... so I figured it was about time to actually say hi instead of lurking all over the place. I'm leaving my apartment Wednesday night, and after flying to San Fran, we're going to be heading to the Playa on Saturday. This is my first big burn, and I'm quite excited. :)

Here's the blurb from the site about the camp I'm with. We're located at Dogma and Sublime.... come say hi!

Within the primal realm of living faith lies a group of artists known as The Tribe of the Chattering Monks…Visit the monks and bare your soul in the 3rd Eye Lounge to earn the coveted monk medallion or perform the Tai-Chi Horse Pose to receive a spiritual libation! After you have cleansed your karma and held the Horse, ascend the meditation tower to reflect on your spiritual achievements. Visit The Tribe of the Chattermonks to celebrate the profound, earn the medallion, or to intoxicate your spirit.

See ya in the desert..
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