Ranger Elvis (lokislittletoe) wrote in burning_man,
Ranger Elvis

Mad Scramble

Its always the way. Waiting to the last minute to do the Playa prep. This last week has been strenuous, matching shopping excursions with our work schedules. I even bought a truck this year just to haul all my crap up there. But its exciting. Even through this will be my 5th year and twistedcat's 3rd, its still so exciting. We'll be leaving The OC around noon on Sunday.

We're happy to be a part of Gigsville again this year, but we've changed the name of our camp to "Dogs and Cats Sleeping Together". It seemed to fit with the overall theme and reflect current events in our lives.

We hope to have a labyrinth for meditation up by Wednesday. We'll be near the corner of Dubious and Authority (oh the irony). We'd love to meet some of you lovely Live Journal burners.
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