dána (halffast) wrote in burning_man,

who the hell let me into a store this close to leaving?
(or worse, after i left)

i've really, really got to stop doing that.
not so much because of the money spent
but i haven't got the damn room for all the crap that i'm like
"oh. yeah. this would be great."

i had five things on my list.
bike basket. air pump. ziplocks. bike light. sunscreen.
they didnt have the last two (or ones i wanted)
got the rest, and then somehow filled the cart.
it all seemed practical. (well maybe not the 52 clothes hangers, but i've got a 10' clothes rack, somethings got to fill it. and it's $.88 for 13, how can you not?)

the rest of the basket...i dunno.. it just happened.

like it does. every year.
hopefully i've spared myself from doing this in reno.
especially since i'm in the middle of packing all the stuff i bought in reno last year
(so at least it was good stuff)
(except the crappy bike baskets i got there. but they were all sold out. go figure :)

welp. we'll see how this all works out.
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