dána (halffast) wrote in burning_man,

camp ad

come, have a drink at The G-Spot

our little ad thingy available in tattoo form
if i dont sleep before i leave, lucky winners can serve @ the bar with the matching undies

see y'all out there

(oh.. okay... cute story. so i'm standing there in *insert generic store with too much cheap crap of a large variety here* and i'm in the camping section and this guy next to me says
"a TV? isn't that the point of camping. to get away from that."
"uh yup"
"i dont know why people would bring a TV out there."
"seems a bit silly to me"
*pause for a bit, then he resumes*
"i mean, me and my family just like to open up the bible and read some scripture and talk about what it means to us"
"sounds nice."

if i had had more sleep i would've said "yeah. i'm going to a large campout where we are discussing religion as well"
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