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Waiting For the Miracle

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I can't be mean to poor Id, he's really having a hell week. He's moving this weekend before we leave for Burning Man, that's why he didn't get shit done. And working today. Oy. I got his car's oil changed and it took far too long, so I'm behind on my own prep. I suspect tonight will be light on sleep which is bad news but unfortunately increasingly unavoidable. I have to go get the tent I'm borrowing (my own tent is on its way back to Austin because UPS messed up, which is another story) tonight. I'm currently doing laundry. I still need to bake the banana bread, buy a needle and thread and make a minor alteration, pack after laundry is done... um... and three million other things that I'm forgetting right now.

And even with all of this... I'm like a kid on Christmas eve. Every year the Man tests us, we must wend our crooked way to him through a maze of last minute surprises. But once there.... *quiver*

Something is going to happen. Something wonderful. Soon, I'll be breathing Playa dust. Soon, I'll be dancing under the stars. Soon, I'll be walking arm in arm with my adopted son and other comrades through a sea of fantasies made tangible.

Let the hours between me and Burning Man melt away and let me stand laughing on the Playa again, with the wind in my hair, my loved ones about me and my true Home shimmering, glowing and cavorting around me.

See you on the Playa!
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