Big Sexxxy (bigsexxxy) wrote in burning_man,
Big Sexxxy

If anyone is connected to the Burning Man event administratively, please pass this on....

First off, I wanted to thank everyone at Burning Man who had their hands in deciding who received the scholarships this year (especially mine :D) It meant a lot to me to have received it.

Unfortunately, I cannot attend Burning Man this year. After reviewing the costs to get to the playa and get back to civilization, I am finding that I would not be able to pay my expenses for daily life when I return. These costs will be preventing me from going this year and I am very displeased about this. I had begun temping in NJ to help afford the trip, but the work has been scarce and not as constant as I would have liked.

I am trying to make lemonade out of all this and have begun planning for next year. I have learned so much about what it is going to take to make this happen and there is so much knowledge to still be found. I will be putting a little of whatever I make aside per week for next year's journey and I plan to be active and meet as many burners as possible.

If there is any way for you to give my scholarship to someone else please do. I emailed the NY List about my decision and no one has approached me about suggesting their name to you. I hope you all have a blast on the playa.

Best Wishes,

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