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From Jack Rabbit Speaks

The following quote is from Jack Rabbit Speaks:


The Caf offers 4 hour shifts 24 hours a day starting 7am Monday, August
28th and ending at 3pm Monday, September 3rd.

- Trained Baristas: Baristas who can handle chaos, insanity and the elements
while providing quality beverages.

- Counter help: Individuals with lots of personality to interact with
participants, run registers and serve drinks.

- Night of the burn: Looking for able bodies to work in the caf on 9/1,
during the hours of 7pm-11pm. So if you don't like the crowd havoc around
the Man, come work in the Caf!

- Caf Criers: Big lung loud mouth individuals needed to direct line traffic
and provide information to participants concerning coffee shop.

- Support team: Individuals with strong arms needed for stocking, setup,
cleaning and beautification.

- Trash and Recycling teams: Individuals interested in keeping the trash
system running and committed to recycling (leave no trace).

** Contact Mama C, Caf Volunteer Coordinator at
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